Herald Award

We are thrilled that the 2023 edition of Miami-Dade Favorites included us as a winner in Family Law category.

“ This magazine showcases the effort to discover and celebrate the businesses, people, and places the community loves most – as voted by the community.

Our readers and residents are proud of the community they live in and know the area the best. That is why Miami Herald set out to deliver a “best of” program to help the community and support Miami area businesses.

Miami-Dade Favorites has been a great extension of these goals, and we are proud of the voter turnout and engagement from local businesses. Miami-Dade Favorites had over 4,500 businesses, organizations, and individuals competing to be named in the top three spots of 248 categories.”

Producing a contest this size takes a dedicated local team and committed businesses.

They, along with all our advertisers made this possible.

We could not be prouder to salute and pay tribute to the great businesses that were voted the best in their individual categories. Thank you to all the folks who took the time to vote. We encourage you to explore MiamiDadeFavorites.com and engage with our winners. Some may be familiar, and some may be new to you. All will welcome your business. Please make sure to congratulate them for being voted Miami-Dade Favorites!”

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Parental Adoption Attorney Miami, Florida – Miami International Adoption Lawyers – Adoption and Surrogacy Law

The Decision to Adopt

The decision to adopt is one of the most difficult but rewarding decisions a family will make.  First and foremost, it must be understood that the adoption creates an important and irrevocable relationship between parent and son or daughter that will last a lifetime.  Second, as the decision to adopt is being considered, a consultation with an adoption attorney should be scheduled to determine what are the legal requirements under the law.

Different situations have different legal requirements.  For example, in step-parent or close family relations adoptions, there is no need for a home study, expediting the adoption process greatly.

It is important to note that adoptions not always involve children as an adult person may be adopted in the State of Florida.

With almost 30 years representing families, we provide expert and kind representation in your adoption process

Parental Adoption Attorney Miami, Florida – Miami International Adoption Lawyers – Adoption and Surrogacy Law