Our main area of expertise is dealing with family-related matters and domestic relations. This includes the following areas: Complex matrimonial matters, divorce (Contested and uncontested), domestic violence, adoptions, paternity, custody and Visitation support, and enforcement of Modification Proceedings.

Divorce is not one process fits all people.  Divorce varies depending on the facts of each case.

Some couples feel that they may be able to reach a peaceful agreement that will keep the emotional and financial drain to a minimum.  Our office can provide the parties with the ability to negotiate and prepare the agreement and related documents necessary to accomplish a peaceful resolution to their divorce.

Family law -Derecho de familia


The Collaborative Divorce process is a way to address the issues arising out of a divorce proceeding without the traditional litigation model. The Collaborative process uses a team approach to help the parties reach a settlement agreement without the need to go to court.


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We have extensive experience in the field of international family law, a complex field where many laws overlap between various jurisdictions. We handle cases related to:

  • Working in a cross-cultural setting
  • Coordinating with foreign counsel for a comprehensive solution
  • Managing complex jurisdictional issues
  • Coordinating with appropriate international agencies and organizations
  • Representation of children in international custody and support
  • Representation in relocation and abduction cases.


From all the different legal processes that a Family Law Attorney handles there is nothing more rewarding than adoptions, especially step-parent adoptions.  Generally, it is a happy, special day of unifying a family. However, adoption attorneys must be knowledgeable when it comes to the adoption of a child from a foreign country.


We recognize that our clients may have concerns that encompass several areas of the law and we are here to help all those areas including personal injury and wrongful death matters.


We can help you in the preparation of your will or trust so that you decide ahead of time how you want your personal possessions to be distributed at the time of your death.

We prepare your durable power of attorney so that your wishes can be carried out even if you become incompetent.


We prepare your advance directives with your instructions on who will speak for you in the event of illness and what measures to be taken.

In the event of the death of a close one, we help you in the administration of the estate so as to carry the wishes of your loved ones.


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