Under Florida Statute 61.13001, the parent with majority time sharing with the minor children can petition the Court to allow the relocation of the parent and the children to another place or country. The parent who petitions for the relocation must prove to the Court that the move is in the best interests of the children or the relocating party. The Petitioning parent should adequately prepare in order to present to the court proof of better conditions at the new locations, for example: an offer of a better job, better housing, better school district, better extracurricular activities, better health care, etc. The petition for the relocation of children from their place of residence to, sometimes, another country, requires extremely well prepared and thought out preparation in order to improve the likelihood of obtaining the relocation. We, at Sallato & Associates, P.A., have secured the relocation of children as young as three years old from Florida to Chile and from Florida to Venezuela. In the event the Court approves the relocation, the Court will design a substitute visitation plan with the non-relocating parent that will allow the children to continue to enjoy both parents, even if geographically separated.

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