From all the different legal processes that a Family Law Attorney handles there is nothing more rewarding than adoptions, especially step-parent adoptions.  Generally, it is a happy, special day of unifying a family. However, adoption attorneys must be knowledgeable when it comes to the adoption of a child from a foreign country.

According to the USCIS policy for Determining Habitual Residence in the U.S. for Children from Hague Convention Countries, the country where the child is considered to be habitually resident will determine what adoption process the adoptive parent must go through.  If a child lives in the U.S. but is considered to be habitually resident of their country of citizenship, adoptive parents must generally go through the Hague process in order to adopt and obtain U.S. immigration status for their child. If the child is considered to be habitually resident in the U.S., the adoptive parents do not need to go through the Hague process and may file a Form I-130 for the child.

The Decision to Adopt

The decision to adopt is one of the most difficult but rewarding decisions a family will make.  First and foremost, it must be understood that the adoption creates an important and irrevocable relationship between parent and son or daughter that will last a lifetime.  Second, as the decision to adopt is being considered, a consultation with an adoption attorney should be scheduled to determine what are the legal requirements under the law.

Different situations have different legal requirements.  For example, in step-parent or close family relations adoptions, there is no need for a home study, expediting the adoption process greatly.

It is important to note that adoptions not always involve children as an adult person may be adopted in the State of Florida.

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